Sunday, November 11, 2007

qcon - the right place to be

Exhilirated after gorging on brain candy this week, I have a moment to reflect on what just happened. QCon was the right place to be. I can't imagine where else I would have rather been. If I had the week to do again, I would probably march right down to the Westin...again.

Now for a brief set of notes on the conference:

Day 1 - Domain Driven Design Tutorial with Eric Evans - time well spent.

Day 2 - Domain Specific Languages with Martin Fowler and Neal Ford - entertaining topic; not much more than that, at least for me at this point in time.

Conference Day 1 - Architecture Quality lead by Aino Vonge Corry. I pity others who didn't have the privilege of Aino's insight as they headed down the tracks. Rick Gabriel stole the day - i.e. stole Day 1 for me. First: Extraordinarily Large Self-Sustaining Systems - very cool talk mostly about what has not yet happened. Then the Keynote at the end of the day, "50 in 50". The most creative hour of the week.

Conference Day 2 - Architecture Quality. Dan Pritchett relayed eBay's choice to switch from ACID to BASE. From what I could gather, they used the Learning Indirectly Through Multiple Unfortunate Scenarios (LITMUS) test to get there.

Conference Day 3 - Architectures you've always wondered about. Second Life by Ian Wilkes - one of my favorite hours of the week. eBay by Randy Schoup - so well done. Randy lays out the agenda, introduces each topic, drills down, then reviews the topic to completion.

Thank you, Trifork - this week was well worth the time and expense.

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